Custom Peptides - Libraries

AAPPTec can produce custom peptides in a library format. Custom peptide libraries are provided in 96-well plates with approximately 2 μmol of lyophilized peptide in each well. AAPPTec utilizes the Apex 396HT Library Synthesizer along with optimized protocols and chemistries to ensure consistent purity, quantity and quality, library-to-library and within each library. Custom peptide libraries are shipped with a peptide location table, MS and HPLC data.

Custom Peptide Libraries Provided by AAPPTec

AAPPTec can provide custom peptide libraries for drug discovery, SAR studies, receptor binding studies, and epitope mapping. 

Custom Peptide Libraries - Peptide Modifications

AAPPTec can incorporate most common peptide modifications into custom peptide libraries.  The following modifications can be incorporated into custom peptide libraries.

N-Terminal Modification

C-Terminal Modifications

  • Amide
  • Alcohol

Side Chain Modifications

Lysine Side Chain
Serine Side Chains
Threonine Side Chains
Tyrosine Side Chains

Amino Acid Modifications


The prices below are for crude peptides, as synthesized, 1-4 mg per well.

Titer Plate Crude Peptides Price/Peptide
1/2 48  $29
1 96  $25
2 192  $24
4 394  $22


For additional information about custom peptide libraries from AAPPTec, click HERE.

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